Liphart Steel
Liphart steel

Miscellaneous Metals

Liphart Steel partners with prequalified Miscellaneous Metals subcontractors to service the miscellaneous metals needs of your project. Liphart and its subcontractors have the ability to service large or small projects from fabrication to installation.  Our Miscellaneous Metals subcontractors can provide services for a wide range of custom and ornamental products in all types of finishes.

  • Partner with quality miscellaneous metals subcontractors
  • Managed in house by Liphart Steel’s dedicated Miscellaneous Metals Coordinator
  • Capable of providing delegated design
  • Produce the highest quality carbon steel, aluminum and stainless products
  • From ornate to standard stairs and rails
  • Fully trained and OSHA compliant employees
  • Maintain crew sizes required to meet or exceed project schedule
  • Quality craftsmanship
  • Long term working relationship and highest level of professionalism