Liphart Steel
Liphart steel

Detailing / BIM / Connection Design

Liphart Steel prides itself in providing the highest quality of detailing to its customers by maintaining teams of experienced detailers and modelers, both in house and through our subcontractors. As a standard, all of Liphart’s projects are modeled using 3D software, regardless of the size or the complexity.

Liphart is able to provide compatible models for clash detection and coordination using a wide variety of software types (i.e., Revit, Navisworks, Tekla or SDS/2).  Further, using this software, we are able to download information from the model to our fabrication equipment allowing us to productively provide a quality product to our customers. This technology also gives Liphart Steel the ability to track every piece of steel through the various fabrication stages.

Additionally, Liphart Steel routinely employees a quality firm of licensed professional engineers to complete connection design on its projects. This gives us the ability work closely with the Engineer of Record in developing a confidence in the quality of the delegated design.